Here Is How To Deal With Phantom Pain After Amputation!

People who might have undergone some surgery often experience chronic pain; a pain that brings the feeling from that part of the body that is no longer there, known as phantom pain. This type of pain is usually unbearable as the sensations in it are quite strange, unpleasant and disconcerting.

Coming to why people opt for a surgical removal of some body part are in the cases of trauma, a severe injury as a result of accidents. Moreover, there are also some medical conditions that if not treated on time, require amputation. Also, people who are the victims of vascular disease or diabetes often have to undergo an amputation.

Ways to Manage Phantom Pain!

Knowing that it is the phantom pain that you are facing, explore some techniques that will help alleviate your pain to a greater extent:

Local Injection Therapy

In case when the pain is totally unbearable, approach your physician at your earliest. He/she will inject a pain blocking agent at the location where amputation was performed. This will help in calming the pain signals that are received to the nerves from the brain

Deep Brain Stimulation

In this technique, tiny electrodes will be placed on the surface of the brain, which will in turn alleviate pain with the help of electrical impulses.

Mirror Box Therapy

This is a very proven technique that helps in treating the phantom pain efficiently. It is absolutely perfect for the patients suffering from post amputation pain. In it, the patient is asked to watch in the mirror while a remapping is done for the brain’s neural pathways in order to confirm that the specific limb is no longer there.

Non Opiate Analgesic

Opting for this type medication will help the patient in either slowing or limiting the painful nerves that are responsible to send signals to the brain.

Nerve Cuff Stimulation

In this technique, a nerve stimulator is placed on the nerves passing through the amputated leg. The electrode present in it helps in blocking the nerve signals and eventually lessens the pain greatly.

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