Handling Musculoskeletal Pain and Sports Injuries

The admiration of endurance sports has flourished steadily over the past several decades. From running and rowing to century cycling events, the choices for endurance training and zealous event are several. With months diligent training required to compete in such events comes a heightened risk of hackneyed sports injuries and occurring musculoskeletal pain. While Prevention is better than cure, equally vital is the early diagnosis of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain condition, that needs to be immediately referred to pain to a Pain Management Specialist and Rehabilitation center

Among endurance athletes, musculoskeletal injuries often occur when monotonous, additional forces exceed the tissue’s ability to withstand such forces

Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD at The Pain Management Institute, Frankfort, IL put into words the treatment options for common sports related musculoskeletal pain causes among endurance athletes, Additionaly, he discusses management from the perspective of a musculoskeletal pain Physician and a physical therapist to provide a wide spectrum of approaches.


Plantar Fascia

Inflammatory pressure syndrome typically presents as ache at the medial Calcaneal starting place of the plantar fascia This syndrome, , is thought to be related to stress on plantar fascia from the weight of an activity combined with weight transfer up onto the feet, main to joint extension with a windlass impact at the plantar fascia. It is a common cause of heel pain in runners, especially in people with bio mechanical abnormalities, which includes excessive pronation or supination


Repetitive shoulder hobby (mainly overhead) creates degradation of the rotator-cuff ligaments from pliable overload, insufficient blood circulation, getting old, and Subacromial effect, and has a tendency to result in tendonitis. A weakness within the rotator-cuff muscular tissue effects in altered joint movement and creates damage of the cuff muscle group thereby increasing musculoskeletal pain and inflammation

Spine Related Pain Conditions

Acute/subacute pain is felt in the lower or sacroiliac/pelvic areas, or cervical neck region and regularly is observed with the aid of sciatica or radiculopathy with pain radiating distally right down to the sciatic nerve or radicular nerve distribution or into the fingers with cervical spine situations

Management Approaches

Relative Rest

Stretching & Strengthening

Kinesio Taping & Low-Dye Strapping


Regenerative Medicine

Other: Icing, NSAIDs (oral or topical), cross-fiber/deep tissue massage

Final thoughts

Conservative treatments including exercise remedy, stretching/strengthening, manual treatment plans, Kinesio tape, and injections need to be exhausted before an athlete is referred for surgery.  Those nonsurgical tactics may additionally permit for the equal success rates with fewer headaches in comparison to surgical procedures. Early intervention for these common musculoskeletal ache situations may be critical to stopping development to chronic pain, and number one care physicians might also play a key function in diagnosing these situations and referring sufferers for rehabilitation.