Get rid of your spinal pain by Intrathecal pump therapy

The spinal cord is surrounded by a space called Intrathecal space. The space is filled with a fluid recognized as Cerebro-spinal space (CSF) that flows and protects your brain and spinal cord

The purpose of Intrathecal drug pump is to deliver medications straight in the CSF avoiding the passage that oral medications take, it is 300 times more effective than the oral medications

The pump is same as a hockey puck, it is round metallic that is inserted by surgery under the skin of your abdomen along with the pump a plastic tube commonly called a catheter is placed in the Intrathecal space and connects with the pump. The pump holds the medicine that is pumped in the CSF

The pump can be programmed according to your changing needs all, the day it can pump different medicines moreover your medication schedule is also fed in the memory of the pump

You can also get the pump removed from your body, but it is recommended to replace the battery of INtrathecal pump every 5 to 7 years and get it refilled only by inserting a needle

The pump is useful for;

The pump is useful for chronic pain arising due to

Failed back surgery syndrome

Cancer pain

Disease of the nervous system in which patients experience constant chronic burning pain

Burning pain caused by peripheral nerve injury

Pain caused by the blockage of the pancreatic duct

The pump also helps in relieving muscle sprains and immobilization caused  by certain conditions

Nervous disorder that retards the body movement

Pain caused by damage to the myelin of nerve cells

Injury of spinal cord or brain

Who can get the surgery?

You are eligible for Intrathecal pump therapy if

Traditional therapies are of no use

You are not getting a response to any additional surgery

You depend on the pain killers

You don’t have any psychological complications

You have no other medical problems such as diabetes etc.

You are not allergic to the drugs used in the pump

The trial Intrathecal pump therapy has worked out positively

Side effects

Though side effects of the Intrathecal pump are not very alarming, but every surgery or medication may bring risks and complications it may include

Infection and excessive blood discharge

The tube can also be displaced or in rare conditions the pump can stop working

CSF can leak causing headaches or watery release from the side of surgery

Drug overuse and under use may bring depression. Twitching , muscle sprain, constipations, nausea urinary infections, dizziness and anxiety