Find out the reason behind arm pain

There are various factors which cause pain in arms. Arm pain causes can be anyone from tears in muscles, joint pain, muscle pull, pressure on nerves and damage to the soft tissues of the arm can cause pain in the arm. Pain on any point from wrist to the shoulder can be called arm pain. Every human being at some point their lives feel arm pain so it can be said that a little bit of pain for a specific amount of time is no reason for panic. The pain which should actually be a reason for concern is the constant pain which is constantly causing discomfort. There are some very simple and understandable symptoms of arm pain including elbow pain, wrist pain, and arm weakness.

Below are some very common medical issues which are important to be clinically treated to cure arm pain:

Treatment of rotator cuff tear

This is the internal part of a human body which helps the shoulders to stabilize and assist them in moving their shoulder in whatever possible way they want. However, this is the most sensitive areas as well and can be damaged easily. The rotator cuff injuries which are arm pain causes are strains, bursitis, and tendinitis. The reason which causes tendinitis is too much use of the rotator cuff. There are sacs place between the tendons and rotator cuffs of humans which are known as a bursa. Inflammation of these sacs causes bursitis. There are different treatments which cure rotator cuff tear including injections, therapy, however, the last option for a severe case of rotator treatment is surgery. Doctors can suggest from Arthroscopic tendon repair to open tendon repair, however, the open tendon is very uncomfortable and the recovery takes too much of time. The very last treatment for this issue is the replacement of the shoulder.

Treatments for Radiculopathy

Every wear and tear changes the bones, cartilage and internal surroundings of the spine. These changes lead to the pinched nerve which is a cause of arm pain. However, the medical term which is being used for this issue is Radiculopathy. This problem occurs when the intensity of the pressure on nerve roots changes. The pressure compresses the nerve root and cause numbness and weakens the muscles of the spine. The form of Radiculopathy which causes pain in arms, shoulders, fingers and in hands is cervical Radiculopathy. The Radiculopathy especially cervical Radiculopathy cause very intense pain in arm and shoulder in some certain movements. Any trauma can lead to these arm pain causes. This issue can very easily be diagnosed with very basic lab tests including CT scans, X-rays, however, a very unique test which doctors suggest to diagnose the issue is electromyogram. The basic treatment for any form of Radiculopathy is medication, however, in case of a severe condition, doctors suggest surgery. One of the most advanced treatments for cervical Radiculopathy is stem cell therapies. Most of the cervical injuries occur because of the spinal cords injuries. For a very long time, the ratio of patients to have normal life remain low after the recovery of cervical injuries, however, doctors have been successful in increasing the ratio of patients who have a normal life by using the regeneration of the cells.

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