Fight back your headache, get your lifestyle changed

Facts and statistic

  • More than 47million Americans endure excruciating headaches.
  • Migraines alone disrupt the lives of 9% of the US people and costs $1 billion as in a direct medical expense.

There are several choices for getting rid of the pain such as nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs, or other tranquilizers. But if your headaches are chronic and other medications fail to administer, here are some approaches you can go with.

Massage therapy

For a quicker relief, rub your temples, get a neck, back, head and shoulder massage. It has been observed that people with migraines who take six massages weekly had a less migraine

Stretching Exercises

Stretches for relieving headache can get muscle tension that contributes to pain. Make stretches your routinely habit or practice them in the days of severe headaches

Try with these stretching exercises

Chin forward, upward, and towards each shoulder, shoulder shrugs, neck isometrics. Stretch twice a day for 20 minutes.

Aerobics workout

Regular aerobic workout, such as brisk walking, biking or swimming can relieve migraine, intensity and frequency, according to The Pain Management Institute

Meditation and relaxing

Several meditations and relaxing approaches are used to concentrate and relax the mind from stress and distractions that causes chronic pain


Yoga involves physical stretching, breathing exercise and relaxation techniques that help balance the hormones in the mind and body

Zaki Anwar, MD, Medical Director of The Pain Management Institute recommends his patients 20 minute muscle relaxing stretches. “The idea behind is to intentionally relax the group of your muscles” Zaki Anwar, MD

Heat and cold therapy

“Anyone can try this risk free headache. To ease neck stiffness, apply heat to the back of your neck, Dr. Zaki Anwar says. For a pulsating headache abandon heat therapy and switch to icing the temples”

“The artery that supplies blood to the brain passes through the thin bone at the temple, when the artery gets inflamed it cause migraine with a throbbing sensation,” he explains, “lowering the temperature of the blood may help relieve some of the throbbing”

Botox injections

Well known for its anti aging properties, Botox injections are FDA- approved for administering adults with chronic migraines. A course of multiple injections is done around the head and neck with an interval of every 12 weeks

Electrode Implants

People with chronic headaches are expected to rely on the electrodes installed in the neck or brains to offer pain relief

A similar therapy called occipital nerve stimulation is proven for the treatment of cluster headaches and migraines. The treatment involves surgically implanting an electrode at the base of the skull near the occipital nerve. A power source is also placed to deliver electrical impulses via wires