Feeling Pain In The Abdomen? Explore The Best Remedies!

Stomach ache is something that can be said as the story of every house, be it due to indigestion, lifting heavy objects, constipation, heartburn or lactose intolerance etc. Pain in the area of the stomach is mostly referred to as abdominal pain. Sometimes the pain is not so chronic and it is easily treated by following some tips at home. But when the pain is not at all controllable then it is recommended that you pay a visit to a pain management specialist at your earliest.

Who would want to stay at home for a couple of days reason being chronic abdominal pain? In order to treat yourself in a manner that you turn out to be fit and healthy in a short span of time we have elaborated some most probable causes and their remedies.

Here Are The Causes & Their Measures!

Lemon Juice In case of Indigestion

For those who hate the taste of lemon, might be unaware about the greatest benefit it. Lemon contains citric acid which in turn helps in the production of hydrochloric acid that leads to the proper break down of the food. The biggest cause of indigestion is the body’s system not being able to break down the food properly thus leading to acute abdominal pain.

Baking Soda In Case of Gastric Trouble

You might be unaware that the antacids you opt for to treat the bloating stomach, indigestion or nausea contain baking soda in it. So, why not take the baking soda yourself and treat your gastric trouble. Gastric trouble in the system arises due to the excessive presence of hydrochloric acid in your stomach. To treat this just mix half teaspoon of baking soda in one glass of water that will definitely provide you instant relief from the gastric trouble you are facing.

Dandelion Root Tea In case of Ulcer Related Abdominal Pain

In case the abdominal pain you are facing is because of ulcer, then dandelion root tea would be the best in giving you the ultimate relief. You can also add dandelion in your salads or vegetables and get rid of the pain due to ulcer.

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