Exploring The Common & The Less Common Causes of Joint Pain!

Instead of guessing or assuming what your joint pain is all about, it is better that one must be well aware of the causes that might have lead to acute joint pain. Apart from injuries or arthritic condition, there are many other reasons that can give rise to this pain. And the better you know about the pain the quicker you will be able to get over it.

Here we have elaborated the most and the less common causes under which there arrive different reasons of joint pain. These include:

  • Pain related to just one joint
  • Pain related to many joints

When it comes to Pain in one Joint!

Knee Pain

Pain in the knee can also be the reason of chronic joint pain. Taking the whole weight of the body there might be the case that the joint may have become damaged.


If you have recently met an accident and you have been feeling pain in the joints, then most probably the reason might be that the joints have become inflamed creating redness in the injured area. If this is the case then first try treating them at home by anti-inflammatory or ice-pack.

Damaged Cartilage

While climbing the stairs up and down if you feel pain in your knees then there are chances that the cartilage might have damaged. This problem can also lead to chronic joint pain.

Joint Space Bleeding

If you have been the victim of torn ligament or knee fracture then this might lead to bleeding in the joint space which is known as haemarthrosis. Adding to this, other signs that confirm this condition include:

  • Warmth
  • Knee swelling
  • Bruising and stiffness after an injury

When it comes To Pain In Many Joints

Psoriatic Arthritis

Being totally unpredictable, this condition makes different joints inflamed and swollen thus making it difficult for the patient to even move, sit or relax properly.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Extremely chronic joint pain is faced in this type of arthritis as the joints become inflamed and stiff, especially the hands, wrists and feet.

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