Exploring the Causes of Hip Pain & Ways to Prevent It!!

Anyone can get struck by chronic hip pain, but it is usually said to be most commonly found in the adults aging 40. Other than this there are many causes of this type of pain such as sleeping in a wrong position, involved in a physical work extensively, or in some cases it can be the indication of some bigger problem such as osteoarthritis. Irrespective of the intensity of pain, it is very important that one must be fully of the sources that might have lead to this condition. Who knows that perhaps the pain is because of arthritis, deterioration of the bones or muscle aches.

What are the Causes!

Below mentioned are the most common causes that people normally overlook:


Over the age of fifty five, fractures are very common in people as the bones become weak with the passage of time making them vulnerable to big injuries like fractures. Also because of osteoporosis, there is greater chance of suffering from hip pain as this condition starts erupting from the hip first.


Tendons are defined to be as the band of tissues, by which the legs are connected to the hip bones. Tendonitis in patients starts when the tendons become inflamed because of being overused.


In case the patients are suffering from bone cancer, then there are greater chances that the patient starts suffering from hip pain.

Muscle Strain

Sometimes, being involved continuously in activities can lead us to strain in the muscles. Such as when you have used your hip bone for a long period of time, or you might have been involved in a strenuous activity.


Arthritis is said to be the most common cause leading to chronic hip pain. When the hip joint becomes completely inflamed the cartilage starts breaking down and leading to reduced range of motion.


There are the fluid filled sacs between the hip joints that gets inflamed thus leading to the hip pain that is indeed unbearable.

Tips to Prevent It!

  • Eating the right foods, such as those containing olive oil, lemon, celery, garlic, mustard, omega 3 fats, fruits and vegetables, fish etc
  • Working out, which is considered to be as the best ways for strengthening bones and preventing from cartilage loss
  • Opting for helpful supplements like omega 3 fats, ASUs, ginger and turmeric, Chlorella etc

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