Epidural Steroid Injections & Their Potential of Reducing Inflammation!

Back pain, one of the most common reason due to which people are compelled to visit the pain management specialists is an enough cause to bring the patient in complete uneasiness. Epidural steroid injections; a minimally invasive procedure have the potential to treat not only back pain but also pain in the leg, neck or arm pain that takes place after the spinal nerves become inflamed.

Through the epidural space, medicines are delivered to the spinal nerve that helps in relieving the pain efficiently for several days and even for years. These injections fulfill the purpose of alleviating pain greatly and making the person able to resume the day to day activities.

Conditions Treatable with Epidural Steroid Injections!

Patients who are experiencing chronic pain in the neck, arm or low back pain are most righteous candidates for the epidural steroid injection procedure. Adding to this, patients who are suffering from the below conditions should also opt for this injection procedure:


Pain that arises as a result of the irritation of the largest nerve known to be as the sciatic nerve; travelling from the back of each leg and reaching to the feet.


This is said to be weakness or fracture that occurs between the upper and lower facets of the vertebra. In case the vertebra slips forward, the nerve roots are compressing causing acute pain.

Spinal Stenosis

When the spinal canal and the nerve root canal become narrow then the patient can experience back or leg pain while walking

Herniated Disc

Within the disc there is a gel like material. Due to this material there are chances that the disc can bulge or get ruptured. Moreover, when the material squeezes out irritation, pain and swelling is experienced.

Degenerative Disc

The intervertebral disc either breaks down or causes the collapse of the disc space, tears in annulus and growth of bone spurs

The patients who are going through bleeding problems or have infection of any sort shouldn’t opt for epidural steroid injections. In case a patient is facing any of the above mentioned conditions then these injections are found to be best in reducing inflammation caused by it.

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