Epidural Lysis Procedure

Epidural Lysis is an Adhesiolysis and the Racz procedure. It is a minimally invasive procedure effective in treating back pain and neck pain due to scar tissue formation. It involves passing Racz epidural catheter into the epidural space and injecting medicines directly on the exact point of nerve injury or adhesion to decrease the pain.

How is it performed?

Epidural Lysis of adhesions is performed by injecting a local anesthesia with a small needle into the skin above your buttock. When the area becomes numb, then by using a larger needle a catheter wire is placed into the epidural space with the help of x-ray guidance. When the catheter comes in proper location where the nerve root was being affected, multiple medications are injected in order to dissolve the scar tissue, reduce the inflammation and the irritation on the nerve. Sedation may be offered for the comfort of the patient.


Are you a candidate?

The candidates for Epidural Lysis include those people suffering from disc problems, epidural adhesions or failed back syndrome from multiple previous surgeries for herniated lumbar disks.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes.


There is a mark relief in the back pain after this treatment, except soreness is experienced on the exact site of injection and on your lower back. Also, deleterious effects of epidural scarring are minimized.


This procedure is considered to be safe and effective. People who receive this treatment experience significant pain relief. Moreover, patients also observe increased mobility for months or longer.