Ease your arm pain by selective nerve root block

A selective nerve root block is done through an injection of an anti- inflammatory steroid in a targeted nerve root. The nerve root can become compressed causing a throbbing pain. The selective nerve root block is carried out by inserting a thin needle in the forearm close by the nerve root, where the medication containing the steroid is injected


A bulging disc, thinned nerve  root, bone protrusion results in irritated nerve root in the forearm, along with severe pain, lack of sensation and sensation. The steroid injection in the targeted nerve root relives inflammation of the nerves in the forearm, ease pain and other symptoms

The procedure

The injections only take a couple of minutes. However, the procedure is initiated by the physician taking your medical record, and the post procedure care. Typically the selective nerve root block procedure is done with the patient lying on the stomach for back injections, if the neck is being injected your physician will ask you to lay on your back. Your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen will be observed. You will asked if you feel any discomfort during the procedure. Your skin will be cleaned with an antiseptic solution and then the entire procedure is done

Post- procedure

Soon after the selective nerve root injections, you may feel your legs and arms become a bit heavy and lack sensation. You may feel that your pain is eliminated or relatively reduced. The symptoms may be the result of a local anesthesia and becomes normal within a couple of minutes. For a day or two you may feel pain and inflammation at the site of injection, however, the pain will be relieved within a couple of days. You are recommended to light activities soon after the procedure. The injection can be repeated if the first injection is successful

Risks and side effects

The Selective nerve root block has a very few risks, however, as with any procedure, there are few risks and side effects are associated. Common side effects of selective nerve root block include temporary pain at the injection site, or accidental puncture I the sack that is filled with spinal fluid causing headaches, infection, bleeding and nerve damage along with your usual pain
Steroid side effects involve weight gain, chances of diabetes, water retention, temporary restraint of the immune system, restraint of your own natural steroid production