The groin is the region of your hip between your stomach and thigh. It is positioned where your belly ends and your legs begin. Groin pain is such a distress. The primary reason for the cause of this pain is cramp or damage during physical activity such as sports. Mostly athletes experience cramps and fractures that is the common cause of groin pain.

Common causes of groin pain 

The pain commonly arises because of sprain in the muscle tendon or ligaments. The sports that add cause to the groin can be rugby, football, hockey game.

Another reported cause of the groin pain is an inguinal hernia. Inguinal hernia is diagnosed when the internal tissues pop out through a weak point of the groin muscles creating a convex lump in your groin region.

Kidney stones can also be the cause of groin pain or any fractures reported in the groin area

Rare causes

The causes that are less reported can be;

  • intestinal inflammation
  • testicular inflammation
  • enlarged lymph nodes
  • ovarian cysts
  • pinched nerves
  • urinary tract infections (UTIs)

When to consult your physician

If the following condition are noted or you feel constant or alleviated groin pain for more than a week you must immediately consult your doctor  

  • If you observe any lump or swelling in your groin area
  • Blood is passed with urine
  • Along with groin pain, uneasiness and pain in lower back chest or abdomen is noted
  • You feel nausea or temperature

Contact your doctor immediately if:

  • you notice physical changes in the testicles, such as lumps or swelling
  • there is blood in your urine
  • the pain spreads to your lower back, chest, or abdomen
  • you develop a fever or feel nauseous

These symptoms may lead to serious illness causing infections and cancerous growth in the lower abdominal area .in these condition emergency medical treatment is highly recommended

Diagnosing Groin Pain

Groin pain can be handled without physical examination or consultation however if the pain alleviates and prolonged for several days and symptoms of fever and nausea are also observed then you must consult your physician for tests and examination

Hernia Test

Hernia can be a common cause of groin pain. Hernia can be tested by your doctor by inserting a finger into the sac of testicles and you will be asked to cough. Constant coughing builds pressure in the abdominal area and accelerate the intestine into hernia opening

X-Ray and Ultrasound

Passing through an X ray or ultrasound will assist your doctor in diagnosis of fracture or malignant growth in ovary that is causing groin pain

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

If any infection is suspected this test will assist in clear understanding and diagnosis

Therapy for Groin Pain

The treatment for groin pain is advisable according to the hidden reasoning of pain. However the groin pain can be treated at home but in case of severity consulting a doctor is recommended

Home Care

If groin pain is result of muscle sprain or physical activity rest for couple of weeks and applying ice for 20 minutes will heal the sprains other than this pain killer can also be taken to get rid of groin pain

Medical Treatment

if the groin pain is because of fracture or broken bone or due to hernia then surgery is required to repair the broken bone or surgery is required to deal with hernia , moreover if the groin pain is not comforted with pain killers the may advise for anti inflammatory drugs or physiotherapy

Preventing is better than cure

There are several approaches by which you can possibly prevent yourself from groin pain including daily light physical workout and warm up activities for athletes and taking care while lifting heavy objects to avoid hernia