Does your back pain need attention?

Acute lower back pain

Usually the back pain arises because of involuntary actions and soft- tissue injuries. These injuries may involve a damage to the intervertebral discs, pinching of the nerve roots and abnormal movements of the spinal joint. The most complained cause of the lower back pain is the torn muscles or strained ligaments. A lumbar back sprain can happen instantaneously or may advance with time due to repetitive movements. The strains occur when a muscle is extended more than its capacity and tears. While the sprain is associated with the ligaments when stretched and tears, ligaments are connective tissues that connect bones together. However, the sprains and strains are not to be taken very serious as they are acute and can be governed with home remedies

The common causes of sprains and strains involve

·         Lifting a heavy object or abnormalities twisting of the spine during lifting

·         Immediate actions that put too much pressure on the back, such as sudden fall or accidents

·         Bad posture

·         Sports injuries

Causes of Chronic Lower Back Pain

If the pain does not last for more than three months and is not healed by the body’s natural capacity to heal it is considered as chronic back pain. Chronic pain in the lumber back might involve a disc problem, a joint problem or a pinched nerve root

Common causes include:

A lumbar herniated disc

The jelly- like center of the lumbar disc can fuse through the outer layer and can spread through the superficial layer and may pinch the nearby nerve root. The herniated portion is comprised of proteins that  cause inflammation when comes in contact with nerve roots

Degenerative disc disease

As with age the discs hydrate and wear down, the lack of hydration are not able to hold pressure and sudden shocks and transfer the shock directly to the wall causing it to damage and severe lower back pain


The condition, consequently occurs from the wear and tear of the intervertebral disc and facet joints. It causes severe lower back pain, weakness and Stenosis to different degree. It may occur at a singular disc or multiple disc supporting the lower spine. The spinal osteoarthritis is related to aging and advance with time


Sudden fractures and deformity of the spine can lead to intolerable pain in the lower back, it usually occurs after a trauma such as accidents or fall

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