Do you know about Intercostal Nerve Blocks?

Before understanding the meaning of Intercostal Nerve Blocks, you need to know about the intercostal nerve. There are different nerves in the human body which travel from the spine of the body and lead towards the heart. The exact location where these nerves end is sternum breast bone. These nerves are located under the ribs which is why they are known as an intercostal nerve block. Intercostal Nerve Blocks is a treatment in which the patient feels pain on their chest wall. The patient faces this kind of nerve condition mostly after a chest surgery which results in a scar. There is a fat chance for the occurrence of Intercostal Nerve Blocks in case of the shingles attack. The doctors inject injections to relax the muscles of the patients to reduce the pressure from the chest which cures the pain.

Why is it called Intercostal Nerve Blocks

The Intercostal Nerve Blocks injections are being used to overcome the blocks. Doctors inject the injection in the ribs of the patients to reduce the pressure of the nerve. Doctors make the patients lie down on the sides where the injected is needed to be injected and clean the skin with the help of antiseptics. After cleaning the area, the doctor injects anesthesia to make the treatment pain free. To inject the injection the Intercostal Nerve Blocks on the ribs medications on the rib. During the procedure, doctors use X-rays to make sure to inject the medication in the right place. The process of injected medication takes only 20 to 30 minutes not more than that. However, anesthesia takes time to lose its effect from the body of the patient. The treatment does have risks which are why doctors admit in the hospital so that they can monitor the pressure on the chest and they only discharge patients after making sure that everything is under control.

Facts about the treatment

There are some facts or precautions about the treatments. When it comes to treating the children, doctors carry out the block on the posterior axillary line. The alternative of the posterior axillary line is children are paraspinal muscles which are located at the angle of the ribs. This treatment can be carried out in the sitting position whoever the patients will have to sit in a forwardly inclined position. However, in such a position, the patient’s arm needs proper support. This posture makes it easier for the doctors to identify the Intercostal Nerve to inject the medication. Before injecting the medication, doctors mark the rib nerves. During the treatment, the patient will feel some kind of sensations in the body while in the injection process and even after the treatment when the effect of Anesthesia will wear off.  Aftercare is very important in this treatment because the side effects of treatment directly impact chest and it can make breathing hard.

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