Discover Which Approach Works Best To Treat Hip Pain?

Hip pain can be caused by number of reasons and it is a common complain. It can cause by hop joint itself or with problems with other areas of the body like lower back.

Some common conditions which cause hip pain are;

  • arthritis
  • bursitis
  • hip dislocation or hip fracture
  • strains
  • osteoporosis

Possible options for hip pain treatment

A hip pain treatment choice depends upon the cause and intensity of pain. In some cases, hip pain is nothing more than a short-term annoyance, while in other cases it can be a sign of a serious health problem. If you have mild to moderate hip pain, you should try some home treatment

Try RICE as hip pain relief

Anyone can use RICE method as hip pain treatment. You have to do;

Rest The first thing is to take rest, which means avoiding the activities that cause the pain. It could mean runners stop running for a week and then start back with reduced pace and see how it goes.

Ice Apply an ice pack to the area where you’re feeling the pain to reduce inflammation. Use ice four or five times a day for 10 to 15 minutes if pain is intense.

Compression wraps a thick Ace bandage around the pelvis and hip for compression

Elevation Elevating a painful joint reduces swelling and also helps relieve pain.

Medical treatments

If that hip pain treatment which you tried at home fails to ease your hip pain, it’s important to see a doctor. They will perform a physical examination of your hip then he will decide a hip pain treatment plan for you.

Medicines various types of drugs are here for conditions that weaken bones or cause bone loss and pain. These include:

Disease-modifying anti-rheumatics (DMARDs) Drugs are often used to treat RA. They stop or slow the immune system from attacking the joints.

Biologic response modifier Drugs can also stop or slow immune response.

Corticosteroids Drugs can reduce inflammation and suppress the immune system. You can take them orally or it can inject into the painful joint.

Bisphosphonates strengthen bones weakened by osteoporosis, preventing pain and further damage.

Counterirritants Creams and ointments can reduce pain in the joint area.


Acupuncture is a developing medical discipline in which the needles are inserted into the body that shows promising hip pain treatment in reducing hip pain from most causes.


It might be the answer other hip pain treatment don’t keep hip pain at a manageable level. Hip resurfacing, osteotomy, arthroscopy or total hip replacements are hip surgeries which re used according to the condition severity.

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