Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – What is it All About?

Normally, when people go through some small accident, they think that after certain medications they will be completely alright and thus thinking that, they continue leading their life considering themselves as fit and healthy. It is after certain months that they start feeling pain in their legs and in those areas that were hit at the time of the accident. This is in actuality complex regional pain syndrome which is said to be the chronic condition affecting the limbs including arms, legs, hands or feet as a result of some injury associated to that limb.  This is known as complex regional pain syndrome which is due to the damage caused by peripheral and the central nervous systems.

What is the cause of CRPS?

Often, behind pain there is said to be some chronic injury, though being minor but if it is not treated properly then the symptom as well as the pain associated with it can become severe. Now, the injury and the pain will be at their peak and the patient might have even forgotten the injury that caused it.

Symptoms Associated with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

The most common symptom associated with CPRS is pain in the arm or leg that must have witnessed some injury earlier along with burning, sharp, stinging or stabbing feeling. The pain if not treated properly will even become worse spreading to other areas of the body. Adding to this if you think that by resting and staying on bed will lessen your pain then you are wrong. Because staying in your room and resting will further worsen your pain and lead your limbs to stiffness.

The affected areas will have the symptoms such as:

Abnormal sweating

Skin sensitivity – With the passage of time your skin might have become sensitive to light touch

Swelling – There may be swelling appearing on the area of the painful region

Allodynia – This is said to be the condition, in which you feel pain even after a gentle touch on the affected area. Moreover, when clothes brush your skin and you feel the pain then it becomes the symptom of complex regional pain syndrome.

Hair ChangesThe coarse hair might have become thin

Skin ConditionYour skin condition will start changing slowly and gradually.

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