Chronic Back Pain Is Now Curable!

Whether you have perceived pain for two weeks or two decades, Dr. Zaki Anwar and his team of professional doctors will work with you and your insurance provider to deliver valuable treatment at the source of pain instead of highlighting the symptoms.

The following is a layout of a spearheading measure, how can it work and the sorts of patients who might be contender to ensure that they comprehend the advantages and dangers related with the procedure of Racz Epidural Neurolysis.

RACZ caudal neurolysis is an injection strategy which is every now and again is used to fix leg and back pain as an outcome of scar tissue as aftereffect of an earlier medical procedure. This scar tissue can pressurize the spinal nerves and send painful inflammatory sensation through the legs and causes intolerable pain in the lower back.

Dr. Zaki specializes in accurately diagnosing and treating the cause of painful conditions to stop them from coming back. He provides adapted treatments and integrative medicine to find the cause of your pain rather than just treating the pain symptoms.

Racz Epidural Neurolysis can dodge the need for spinal medical procedure among the patients who are enduring ceaseless back pain and sciatic pain. This procedure includes passing the Racz epidural catheter into the epidural space and infusing pharmaceutical straightforwardly at the place of nerve damage or adhesion to reduce the pain and break up adhesions generally in patients who have already had surgery. A catheter is situated in the epidural space through which a solution of prescription and local anesthesia can give significant absence of pain. It is most positive to put the epidural catheter near the patient’s agonizing dermatome as could be allowed.

The technique is done with the patient lying face down with a pillow kept underneath the stomach. Back pain is multifaceted and has numerous causes. Experience of interventional pain treatment for chronic back pain has uncovered that the pain is on numerous occasions because of a development of scar tissue either from damage, disc herniation, or past back medical procedure. This can be debilitating, persistently constraining your bent to execute physical movement and trims down your goal to carry on with your life to its fullest. The goal of the doctors under the supervision of Dr. Zaki is to treat the source of your painful sensations along with the goal that you can return back to your normal living!

Before the procedure, your pain doctor will assess your MRI keeping in mind the end goal to perceive which nerves are likely influenced and are responsible for your painful sensations. This injection procedure has the likelihood to give moment and extensive long haul of freedom from endless torment and inconvenience in the lumbar spine. The procedure ordinarily takes somewhere in the range of 30 to 60 minutes. It can be done once, or in a series of up to three injections in a twelve-month period.

Taken all in all, this technique is super safe. In any case, with any methodology there are some risks, reactions, and the likelihood of confusions. Fortunately, the genuine symptoms and intricacies are uncommon. The immediate effect is generally from the local anesthetic that was injected. This effect will more often wear off in a few hours. The cortisone usually starts working in about 3 to 7 days and the effect can last for several days up to a few months.