Botox In Action For Pain Management!!

Botox; known as to be a drug that came into being from the formulation of botulinum toxin, is found best when it comes to treating all the facial conditions including the wrinkles, eye spasms, crossed eyes, furrowed brows etc. Now, with various advancements in the medical field, other than treating such conditions it is also being utilized effectively for pain management.

The Three stages for Pain Control

  • While the conduction from nerve to the muscle, the neuromuscular transmission is blocked. This in turn eliminates the pain.
  • In the second stage the nerve terminals start sprouting, the nerve to the muscle transmission is then re-established without any pain
  • The amount that is being injected is almost negligible and totally safe, because of which the patients have no fear of any side effects.

The type of pains that are treated with the help of Botox treatment can be elaborated as:


Botox injections are found best in alleviating the migraine pains. Moreover, they are also said to prevent the recurrence of pain for up to three months.


According to a study it has been observed that about 38 percent of the people who opted for Botox injection, experienced improvement in their shoulder, knee, hip pain that occurs as a result of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

Nerve Pain

Pain that has greater impact on hands, feet, legs, said to be common in diabetes is also known as neuropathy. Botox treatment when carried out in this regard, injected into the skin at the top of the foot has resulted in 44 percent of the patients relieved by pain.

Back pain

Patients facing chronic back pain have found Botox treatment very helpful in giving them the ultimate pain relief.

Conditions That Respond Best to Botox


Since the Botox injections stop the pain signals from being transmitted, it cures the people facing chronic and frequent migraines.


A symptom of fibromyalgia also known as myofascial pain is effectively treated with the help of Botox treatment.

As a result of the injection, the muscles are paralysed that in turn help in reducing the pian.

Neck/Head Pain

Tired of the chronic headache or neck pain that you face usually after the tiring tasks? Opt for Botox treatment that will alleviate this pain thereby stopping the spasms and thus providing relief.

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