Beware of The Causes Leading To Headaches!!

It is the night time while working on a deadline based project that you feel you are having a chronic pain in your head. The first thing that comes into your mind and you think that it will not become any hurdle while you are engrossed in work is drinking a cup of tea or coffee. When this doesn’t bring you any benefit you think to get up and pop a couple of ibuprofen. On the other hand the migraine sufferers have to do a lot to earn relief. Such as opt for antihistamines, anti-seizure or antidepressants to treat their pain. But the question is what should be done that would help grant you a permanent relief.

The most important thing that would help you in obtaining a relief in case of a headache is to first find the causes that brought you down in such a situation. This blog is written to shed light upon the causes that became the reason of headache. Because once you know the cause, you will be well aware the type of specialist you should look for and thus head for a proper treatment.

What are The Causes!!

You must watch out for the inexperienced doctors, who might not guide you well about the conditions of chronic headache.

Loss of Cervical Curve

The neck in any body demands a c-shaped curve with the help of which the weight of your head is distributed evenly in the front and back joints of your back. In case this curve is not formed,  some nerves are activated that are responsible in bringing pain into your head.

The injured neck joints

In case your head gets injured the joints in the neck also known as facet joints, then these can cause you headache. Now when you are stuck by an accident, you come home after a detailed checkup, but you still don’t know why you are having a headache. So, watch out, this might be the reason.

Irritated Nerves

These are the lesser and greater occipital nerves. This irritation in the nerves is caused by bad posture, loss of neck curve, instability, etc. At the baseline of the skull these muscles that are linked into the covering of the brain on yanking on the dura can lead to headache.

Trigger Points

There are different muscles in the neck and a few in the head that can cause headache. It is also said to be referred pain. And it is described as whenever there is a spot in the muscles, chronic pain in the head triggers.

Poor Posture

If you sit bending your back and you feel that your position is perfect then you are wrong. You must sit straight carrying an upright posture. If in case the way your body’s design specification is disturbed it means that this might become the reason for acute headache.

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