Best way to treat chronic pain

Settling a single structure inside the spine as the source of pain can turn out to be an indicative test because of the complexity and difficulty of the structures engaged with the spinal cord. A Selective Nerve Root Block (also known as a transformational epidural injection) is an injection immediately adjacent to a spinal nerve, which your doctor has identified as a possible cause for your symptoms due to irritation or compression.

Selective nerve root blocks depend on the supposition that conveying a little measure of medicine to a particular target can exactly call attention to the source of pain and give data that could influence or anticipate their careful result. Our pain specialists offer cervical nerve root blocks under fluoroscopy guidance. Dr. Zaki Anwar is very experienced in these procedures and has a very meticulous approach and safety record. He is a world renowned Pain Medicine Physician and has been practicing ways to cure pain leading to serious problems for the past several years and has achieved remarkable results. Patients can make an appointment on a walk-in basis, which is unique to our community, and have direct access to a surgeon who is able to diagnose and treat their urgent needs. You can also make an appointment by calling our office at 815-464-7212.

At the point when a nerve root progresses toward becoming dense and swollen, it can cause back as well as leg pain. Every so often, an imaging study (e.g. X-ray or MRI) may not plainly show which nerve is causing the pain; accordingly particular nerve root block injection is carried out to help with isolating the source of painful sensations. Adding more to its demonstrative capacity, this sort of injection for pain administration can likewise be utilized as a treatment for a far sidelong disc herniation (a disc that ruptures outside the spinal canal).

The velocity of accomplishment varies depending on the primary diagnosis and whether or not the injections are being used primarily for diagnosis. Those who are facing the symptoms of herniated disc, sciatica or swelling or irritation are the appropriate candidates for selective nerve root block. The following patients should not undergo this treatment:

  • If you have an allergy of any medication which is needed to be injected
  • If you use medication for blood thinning for instance (Coumadin injectable Heparin)
  • If you have an infection currently you are suffering from

During a Selective Nerve Root Block, your specialist will target precise irritated or compressed nerves in your neck, upper back, or bring down back, injecting an anesthetic, anti-inflammatory corticosteroid or a mixture of these two medications into the space immediately encompassing the nerve or nerves.