Beat Sciatica Pain With The Proven Home Remedies!

The tingling, burning pain along with the feeling of numbness at the back of the legs including the lower back as well is directly related to the large sciatic nerve that travels in the back of our legs. Made up of individual nerve roots, this nerve is said to be as the largest nerve branching out from the spine and then combining to form the sciatic nerve. So, now you can imagine that when a largest nerve at the back of each leg is disturbed, then the person might feel irritated all the time as he/she would be unable to carry on with the usual chores of the routine.

According to specialists it has also been found that the sciatic nerve pain is in actuality because of some underlying trouble. Considering this the most common causes of this acute pain are said to be:

  • Herniated disc
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Bone Spurs etc

Exploring The Home Remedies

At home, when even the smallest tasks like cooking, bathing, sitting becomes difficult for you only because of the chronic sciatic pain, you definitely need some tips that can be followed at home giving you the relief you are looking for:

Herbs & Oils

It is true that nothing is better than choosing a treatment that is natural. Going for medicines even if provides relief, then brings with it different side effects that are indeed unbearable. Hence, make teas from fresh and dried herbs also including the spices such as peppermint, turmeric, holy basil etc. Applying stuff like these on the affected area will surely soothe sciatica pain to a greater extent.


Sciatic nerve is said to be as a condition of muscle spasm, pain and numbness which demands some pressing and massage on the affected area. Massage using infused herb oils and essential oils will help in promoting relaxation and eventually give relief to the sore muscles.


You might be thinking that what benefit yoga will give in such an acute pain. Yoga along with the stretches will not only help in the healing process but will also stimulate the blood flow thus improving mobility and restoring the strength of the muscles.

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