Arthritis and hip pain

Arthritis is the medical issues of joints which occur due to inflammation of joints. Inflammation can occur to any joint of the body such as the hip or the knee. However, there are different forms of Arthritis which cause hip pain. Arthritis affects or limits the daily activities of a human being; however, as the intensity of the pain and the problem increase, the movements become more difficult.

The type of arthritis which are known as hip pain causes are osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, septic arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and  juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis.


Osteoarthritis is a very common hip pain cause. The reason for the occurrence of Osteoarthritis is inflammation of the injury of the cartilage tissue. Inflammation and damage cause breakdown of the cartilage tissue which results in deformity. The purpose of controls the friction of the joints during body movements. The primary Osteoarthritis occurs due to the weakness of the joints, however, the secondary Osteoarthritis occurs because of physical injury. The primary and secondary Osteoarthritis both cause a walking issue for the patient. There are no defined and exact causes for primary Osteoarthritis. Obesity and the old are commonly known for Osteoarthritis which is a hip pain cause. Most jobs need for individuals to put extra pressure on their joints which also result in Osteoarthritis.

Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis

In the case of Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis, the inflammation and pain stay for more than 6 weeks.  This is the issues which occur in very young age. Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis has become hip pain cause for at least 50000 children around the world. This issue can be found mostly in children of the age of 16 and younger. The disease is related to the immune system of the children. The symptoms of the Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis are high fever and anemia along with joint pain. Most of the physicians and specialists suggest exercise to the patients.

Septic arthritis

Just like Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis, Septic arthritis is a bacterial injection which is known as hip pain cause. In this medical condition infection caused by bacteria results in inflammation of the joints. In the initial stage of the disease, The Septic arthritis does not affect all the joints of the body, it damages anyone joint which can be hip or knee. However as the intensity of the disease keeps increasing, more joints start getting affected. These disease impact adults, not children.

Rheumatoid arthritis

This is the chronic disease which impacts the lining of the joints. In the initial stage of the disease which is hip pain cause patients to feel stiffness and swelling in the muscles along with intense pain. This disease can affect wrists, ankles, elbows and many other joint parts of the body.

Psoriatic arthritis

The most common and prominent systems of Psoriatic arthritis are red marks on the body. In some cases, Psoriatic arthritis leads to Psoriatic, however, in others, Psoriatic arthritis occurs due to Psoriatic. As per the researches, 30% of the patients of Psoriatic develop Psoriatic arthritis as their disease intensifies.

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