Are you having groin pain?

The pain in the part of the body where pelvic meets the leg is known as groin pain. There are various reasons which cause pelvic groin pain; however, the most common reason is the muscle strain. However, the other reasons which cause Pelvic groin pain are somewhat more serious medical issues such as kidney pain, hip joint pain, and hernia. The pelvic groin pain starts with mild ratio; however, its intensity grows rapidly as the individual keep the normal activities without break. This pain can also occur due to damage to some specific nerve damage or strain. The individuals also have burning like sensation which can be the worst feeling. The causes of pelvic groin pain in children can be different from adults.

Diagnoses of the groin pain

The first thing doctors do while diagnosing the pelvic groin pain is conducted a thorough physical exam of the patient such as blood tests, MRIs and such. The doctor would surely look for muscular damages and if there is not any, they would go towards the tests of kidney or hernia. After diagnosing the accurate reason for the problem, doctors decide the treatment.

Causes of groin pain in adults

The causes of pelvic groin pain in adults

Muscular pain

The reason for groin pain adults can be pulled groin which is also known as muscular pain. This can result from a sport injury or an accident. This can also occur from a specific or uncommon movement.

Inguinal hernia

Inguinal hernia can be a cause of pelvic groin pain. The inguinal hernia is a condition which develops when tissues of the specific part of the body get fat. The pain can also start with the intestines herniates which is a condition developed by the abdominal wall. However, in this situation, most patients feel pain when they carry weight.

Kidney stone

Pelvic groin pain occurs when the kidney stone travels through the urinary tract. In this situation, the patient feels like the waves of pain is traveling through their bodies. The stone put pressure on the muscles of the pelvic groin.

Nerve problem

Any pressure on the nerve, especially on the lumber nerve, causes pain. The pain occurs with the pinched nerve. This condition does not only cause pain but however, it also causes numbness of the muscles.

Other reasons

There are some other causes which trigger pelvic groin pain such as Osteoarthritis, Femoral Acetabular Impingement, and Hip Labrum Tear. Hip fracture is also a reason for the individual to have very intense hip pain.

Treatments for groin pain

Doctors mostly treat the pelvic groin pain with pain medication or with anti-inflammatory drugs. However, pain medication is not a long term treatment for this pain. Exercise and physical therapy also work to reduce the pain and reduction in pain automatically results in a reduction on swelling. However, there are therapies like stem cell therapy and PRP treatments which cause regeneration of tissues and reduce pain.

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