Are you Facing CRPS? Here is How to Cope with It!!

Complex Regional pain syndrome is described to be a painful condition in which the arms, hands, foot or legs are affected. The pain is mostly experienced after some chronic injury as a result of which the peripheral and central nervous systems get damaged or start malfunctioning.

Complex regional pain syndrome is normally divided to be in two types CPRS-I and CPRS II. People who have been suffering from nerve injury but there is no conformity associated with it come under CPRS-I. This is also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome. However, people who are confirmed to have been suffering from a nerve injury are said to come under CPRS-II.

Are you facing the Below Symptoms?

Being a victim of complex regional syndrome, these are the troubles you must be facing:

  • Stiffness in affected joints
  • Experiencing abnormal movement in the limb, also an abnormal posture known to be dystonia
  • Observing changes in nail and hair growth patterns
  • A change in the skin texture of the affected area; such as it becomes shiny or thin
  • Observing abnormal sweating pattern in the affected area
  • Problem in bringing the affected area in movement

How can one can One Cope CRPS?

Learn About Pacing!

Knowing that you are facing a chronic condition, you must know what your strengths are and what your limits in performing any activity are. For instance, you have decided to wash the whole pile of clothes in a single day. Despite being succeeding in performing this task, you feel a bit fatigued and acute pain in the area that was affected. Instead of this, take utmost care of yourself and instead of performing a demanding task, try to perform it by including breaks in your routine.

Opting Hypnosis

This is considered to be an alternative therapy that can be used in combination with other medications. But, it’s better to first discuss it with your pain management specialist to know how your condition will respond to it.


Indulging yourself in those activities that will divert your attention from the pain as a result of complex regional pain syndrome will give you best control over the painful condition you are facing.

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