A new practice to relieve back pain

Mr. Patterson has been agonizing from chronic lower back pain. When his pain appeared, his  physician recommended him over the counter pain killers and advised a physical therapy. When there was no response even after several years of suffering he was seen by a pain management specialist, Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD. He directed an MRI and several other physical examination tests, the test produced normal results, however, his pain was debilitating. Mr. Patterson started losing hope, his performance in his every day life worsens and he became miserable. Finally, he was introduced to Interdiscal Electrothermal therapy treatment for agonizing back pain at The Pain Management Institute

Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD explain Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy is a relatively modern treatment for lower back pain.

“It is crucial to let my patient’s know before you make a choice that Intradiscal Electrothermal therapy in not subjected to ease every type of back pain. In fact a selected number of people may be well treated from this procedure” Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD

The disc is the soft tissue placed between the segments of the spine. It is responsible for absorbing the shocks and also allows us to bend our spines.

According to a study published in Techniques in Regional Anesthesia & Pain Management, Discogenic pain is responsible for between 28% and 43% of back pain cases in the United States. Furthermore, additional studies have supported the fact that Discogenic pain is one of the leading causes of low back pain in the U.S.

Discogenic back pain is caused by the result of Intervertebral disc degeneration.


 Patients who experience the following hallmarks are most obvious to get potential relief from Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy,

  • Chronic painlasts from three to six months
  • Failure to respond to conservative treatment methods over the course of at least six weeks
  • Disc herniation that is contained
  • Disc pain that has been confirmed through MRI or discography

Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy procedure at The Pain Management Institute expressed in words by Dr. Zaki Anwer, MD:

Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy Treatment is carried out with a small tube called a catheter,which I will insert in the disc tissues with the help of fluoroscopy. Once the catheter reaches the aimed position, I will heat the catheter in contact with the tissues by means of radio frequency energy. The heat acts as the reparative agent and of the damaged disc and reduces its ability to produce pain

Soon after the procedure the patient can go home an, however, it is vital to let you know that recovery may take a couple of months. During recovery, physical activity must be reduced