A Better Understanding to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Carpal tunnel syndrome condition is described to be as the one is which swelling is observed in the wrists because of the pressure that is felt on the median nerve; which travels in the forearm and into the hand. As a result of this swelling in the wrist, numbness or tingling in the hand is felt which is very similar to an electric shock involving the thumb, index finger and the middle finger.

If no proper treatment is provided, patients suffer from muscle weakness and clumsiness. Other factors that contribute towards the development of carpal tunnel syndrome are elaborated as below:


Age factor can also be said as the main contribution leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. The greater the age is the greater are the chances of developing such a condition.


As compared to men, women have greater chances of facing this problem as they have a smaller carpal tunnel. Moreover, women in their age of fifty, out of some extensive work can also become the victims of this problem.


It can be a heredity problem for the people who have a very narrower carpal tunnel in their writs

Medical Conditions

There are some medical conditions, which make people more vulnerable to carpal tunnel syndrome, namely, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or thyroid imbalance

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The tasks that involve continuous use of your hands such as typing or any such activity must be avoided as the condition might become worse. Shaking the wrist can also give relief to the pain, however other treatment measures include:

  • A wrist splint should be worn
  • Performing exercises and opting for physical therapy will give your swollen wrists greater relief.
  • Injections such as corticosteroid should be performed in the affected area
  • The surgical option should be chosen as the last when no other measures are successful

At Workplace!

Out of extensive work, when we feel that at work we are very much tired, including all our body organs the hands become too much stressed then it definitely means that there is something wrong in our hands that needs to be diagnosed. If at work you are involved in repetitive hand motions, vibration, awkward hand positions etc then there are greater chances of you to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

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