5 Non-surgical Remedies to Heal Your Hip Pain

As we grow, various body ailments began to infect our body. There are a growing number of patients suffering from chronic low back, hip and knee pain. Moreover, these are the most common types of health issues that significantly affect a person’s day to day activities including over all living. Doctors suggest getting early treatment if a patient suffers from any sort of body pain. Even ignoring minor hip pain in its initial stages may result in chronic medical condition and in that case hip surgery becomes final solution. However, there are some non-surgical remedies to relieve the pain and improve hip mobility; few of which are outlined below:


1.     Improve Your Lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and nurturing habits is the first and fundamental remedy to remarkably improve your health and prevent various types of medical conditions. Obesity and excessive weight are often the leading factors contributing to hip pain. Therefore, strive for weight loss and bend your daily habits at achieving a light and fit body. Moreover, consume wholesome foods and juicy fruits that help you burn your unnecessary body fats.


2.     Physical Exercises:

Regular physical exercises such as morning jogging should be an integral part of your life for any treatment.  Moreover, do some stretching and flexibility exercises to relieve your muscle tension.


3.     Medications:

Take non-inflammatory pain relief oral and topical medications as prescribed by your doctor to control the hip pain. Moreover, a specialist may also recommend you steroid injections to reduce muscle inflammation.


4.     Regenerative Medicine:

Platelet Rich Plasma (RPP) treatment is a form of regenerative medicine in which a patient’s own PRP is injected in its affected body area to relieve the pain and heal the body part.


5.     Alternative Medicine:

Alternative medicine such as acupuncture, metaphysical treatments, acupressure, meditations, and other relaxation exercises are great at achieving healthy body and mind.


Final Note

There are a variety of non-surgical methods to heal your body pain. It is essential to discuss the underlying symptoms with your doctor, along with your lifestyle and preferences for proper diagnosis, to get quality treatment and prevent long-term consequences. If hip pain is persistently disturbing you or any of your loved one, get an expert advice from Dr. Zaki Anwar by placing an appointment at (815) 464-7212. He is a certified Pain Management Specialist who has been practicing effective pain relief therapies for the past 3 years with successful results.